Hello and Welcome to our Community Based Hosting Services!

We are a bunch of guys with vast experience from CMS systems and Hostings. In particular the CMS PHP-Fusion where we sum over 20 years of experience.

In regards to hosting we sum at least 15 years of experience and we all complement each other in different areas, from genuine coding to troubleshooting cPanel. We offer our friends and colleagues free hosting, we grant you lab space and trial sites. In order to be able to do this, we base our hosting on access on several different levels, from the basic FTP and MySQL access to a full cPanel host administration.

The only thing you need to do is point your domain to our servers. Should you lack a domain we have a few available to choose from. Our aim is to prove to you that we are good hosts, and that you will eventually sign up for us on a more professional approach and pay us a few bucks per month to have more space and more features.

Currently we use our accounts at , Memset, IXWebhosting, SDKWebProductions and Servage to provide you with sites. These accounts will be upgraded as we get some paying customers and ensure that we can provide more "friends" with even more free webs. Those who can pay, finances those who can't, in a way.


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Free Web Hosting Offer,We are offering our FREE services to be included into Conram.it 

United Community Web Hosting.Our service includes Cpanel User Control Panel,Softaculous + Fantastico Software Installers FREE of Charge.

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SKPacman added SDKWebProductions  to our list of hosts.

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NetworkConram.it Web Hosting Solutions,Providing Web Hosting solutions for Personal and Commercial Use.

Our Hosted online products are formatted to be fitting for our friends and colleagues,With additional resources for commercial use.

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